MBP-2 – BCS Certificate in Modelling Business Processes

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  • Code: MBP-2
  • Duration: Days 2
  • Price per delegate:
    £995.00 +VAT
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For the Business Analyst, business process modelling is key to delivering improvements successfully. Learn how to model an organisation, redesign business processes and analyse tasks. Practitioner specialist module for the internationally recognised BCS Diploma in Business Analysis.

Course Description

The Modelling Business Processes course provides the framework, skills and techniques you need to model business processes and deliver process improvements successfully. As with all our practitioner courses you’ll use a realistic case study to practise the key techniques, including modelling an organisation, analysing tasks and managing and measuring processes.

We’ll also cover other important, related issues such as human performance and process measurement, as well as theoretical concepts supported by detailed case studies. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to apply your knowledge to both AS-IS and TO-BE process models.

The course will be presented by one of the expert training consultants pictured below. Each member of our Modelling Business Processes training team brings substantial experience of business analysis projects and application of process modelling techniques to the programme.

Who is this course for?

Business Analysts, project managers, business change managers and anyone who requires a practical understanding of hierarchical business process modelling. Modelling Business Processes is also a Specialist Practitioner module on the BCS (ISEB) International Diploma in Business Analysis.

Performance-Based Objectives

To give you more of an idea of what you’ll learn and how the course will help you, here’s a quick guide to those two days:

  • Key concepts in business process modelling.
  • Modelling the organisation.
  • Modelling ‘As Is’ processes.
  • Analysing tasks.
  • Human aspects of performance.
  • Managing and measuring processes.
  • Process improvement and redesign.
  • Discuss implications of implementing models.

Course Content

The organisational view

  • The business environment.
  • Types of customer.
  • Value chain analysis and value propositions.

Modelling business processes

  • ‘As is’ business process models.
  • Business events and business rules.
  • Timescales.

Analysing tasks

  • Identifying tasks.
  • Documenting tasks.
  • Defining steps in the task.
  • Decisions and business rules.
  • Human aspects of performance

    • Support required.
    • Standards.
    • Skill requirements.
    • Feedback and consequences.

    Managing and measuring processes

    • Organisation vs. customer expectations.
    • Customer value expectations.
    • Departmental and process measures.

    Process improvement and redesign

    • ‘To be’ business process models.
    • Process problems:
    • Process disconnects.
    • Handoffs and delays.
    • Lack of IT support.
    • Process redesign patterns: Re-engineering, Simplification, Value-added, Automation.

    Implementation issues

    • Organisation design.
    • People issues.
    • Procedure design.
    • Managing change.

    IT support for business processes

  • Defining IT requirements from process models.


    During this two day course you’ll receive all the training you need to prepare for the BCS Modelling Business Processes certificate examination, which is held on the final afternoon of the course. A pass means you’re another step closer to achieving the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis – the de facto certification for practicing business analysts. One last thing; this course is also approved as consistent with the IIBA BABoK version 3.0 and enables participants to develop SFIA skills BPRE, levels 5 and 6.


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