A Primer on the Daily Standup Meeting and it’s Future

If you work in an ‘Agile’ organisation, you’ll be no stranger to the daily standup meeting or daily scrum meeting. You might call it the daily standup, daily Scrum, daily huddle or morning roll-call; regardless, the purpose is to get the team
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Prince2 Re Registration: A Primer on Prince2 Renewal in 2021

Prince2 Re Registration: Prince2 Renewal in 2021

When did you become a registered PRINCE2 Practitioner? Not sure? Just try and remember when you passed the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. It does matter. Especially if you want your CV or LinkedIn profile to accurately reflect your learning and, more importantly,
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APM Body of Knowledge version 7

APM Body of Knowledge Version 7 – What’s New?

Since the Association for Project Management first published its Body of Knowledge in 1992, frequent updates have reflected new developments in project management thinking and practice. The seventh edition, published in 2019, incorporates several changes which
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What is the future of Scrum?

What is the Future of Scrum?

In the project world, the Scrum Agile method is very much alive and sweeps all before it. The fourteenth Annual State of Agile Survey of over 40,000 Agile practitioners published this summer shows 58% used Scrum, with a further 18% using a hybrid of Scrum with
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