CRYSMRM – Creating Your Social Media Roadmap

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  • Duration: Days 1
  • Price per delegate: £295.00 +VAT

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Course Description

When people think of social media, they often jump right into thinking about the tools, such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs. To be truly effective and efficient with your resources, you need a plan or roadmap to guide you through making the best decisions for you and your organization.
Target Student:

SME Business Owners, Corporate CEOs, Business Development Managers, Marketing Managers ,Sales Managers , Communication Managers or anyone else ,whichever industry you are in, who are keen to utilise the use of Social Media for their Business to drive traffic and covert them to results so that they get the best return on investment (ROI) from their online marketing efforts



Delivery Method:

This hands-on class will give you the information and worksheets to complete your social media plan and create action items for moving forward after completion of the course.

Performance-Based Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Determine their target audience and goals for their social media strategy.
  • Understand the importance of listening to online conversations
  • Know the different social media tools available to them.
  • Learn how to generate content ideas and manage their time.
  • Promote their new social media efforts.
  • Measure their new social media efforts for their effectiveness

Course Content

Lesson 1: Planning

Topic 1A: Marketing Basics
Topic 1B: Marketing Then and Now
Topic 1C: Where Are You Now?
Topic 1D: Choosing a Target Audience
Topic 1E: Setting Goals

Lesson 2: Listening and Responding

Topic 2A: Why Listen?
Topic 2B: Selecting Keywords
Topic 2C: Monitoring Tools
Topic 2D: What to Monitor
Topic 2E: Responding to Comments

Lesson 3: Building Your Social Media Toolbox
Topic 3A: Blogs
Topic 3B: Social Networks
Topic 3C: Microblogging
Topic 3D: Branded Social Networks
Topic 3E: Widgets/Badges
Topic 3F: Idea Sharing
Topic 3G: Social Media Newsroom
Topic 3H: Location-based
Topic 3I: Choosing Your Tools
Topic 3J: Blog Considerations
Topic 3K: Spoke Considerations

Lesson 4: Content Creation and Time Management

Topic 4A: Sources of Content
Topic 4B: Editorial Calendar
Topic 4C: Routines
Topic 4D: Etiquette

Lesson 5: Promotion
Topic 5A: Online Promotion
Topic 5B: Offline Promotion

Lesson 6: Measurement

Topic 6A: What to Measure
Topic 6B: Benchmark
Topic 6C: Moving Forward