Check Point – Check Point Security Administration NGX I

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  • Code: Check Point
  • Duration: Days 2
  • Price per delegate: £1,850 +VAT

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Course Prerequisites:
Basic networking knowledge, knowledge of Windows Server and/or UNIX, and experience with TCP/IP and the Internet.

Course Overview:

Check Point Security Administration NGX I Rev 1.1 is a foundation course for Check Point's flagship product, VPN-1 NGX. This course is intended to provide an understanding of basic concepts and skills necessary to configure VPN-1 NGX. During this course, students will configure a Security Policy, and learn about managing a firewalled network.

Take this class if:
You are a systems administrator, security manager, or network engineer who manages NGX Security Gateway deployments
Want to earn Check Point Certified Security Administrator
(CCSA NGX) NGX certification.

You will learn:

  • How VPN-1 NGX components and Check Point's Secure Virtual Network Architecture protect critical information assets.
  • How to create rules and modify a Security Policy's properties.
  • How to use advanced NGX features to minimize the information-security management burden, when working with objects and rules.
  • How to use monitoring tools to track, monitor, and account for all connections logged by Check Point components.
  • How to protect organizations from known network attacks and entire categories of emerging or unknown attacks, using SmartDefense.
  • How to use private IP-address allocation and unregistered internal addressing schemes, to overcome IP addressing limitations.
  • How to identify and address NGX security issues, including encryption and Virtual Private Networks.
  • How to verify the identity of users logging in to NGX, using NGX authentication schemes.
  • How to implement LDAP, and integrate it with NGX SmartCenter Server.
  • How to back up critical files and directories, for availability and timely recovery of Security Gateways and SmartCenter Servers.


  • Installing VPN-1 NGX in a stand-alone environment
  • Launching SmartDashboard
  • Defining basic objects
  • Configuring anti-spoofing measures
  • Defining basic rules
  • Creating objects using object cloning
  • Using Database Revision Control
  • Blocking intruder connections
  • Setting up a Suspicious Activity Rule in SmartView Monitor
  • Checking status in SmartView Monitor
  • Configuring SmartDefense
  • Configuring Hide NAT
  • Configuring Static NAT
  • Encryption math and mechanics
  • Defining user templates
  • Defining users
  • Configuring User Authentication
  • Configuring Client Authentication
  • Configuring LDAP authentication with SmartDirectory
  • Backing up and restoring a Security Gateway and SmartCenter Server