ACADINT – AutoCAD Intermediate Training

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  • Code: ACADINT
  • Duration: Days 3
  • Price per delegate: £495.00 +VAT

Trained over 60000 delegates

Course delivered by industry expert instructors

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Course Description

Building on the basics, this course teaches further 2D drawing skills and AutoCAD features and commands including:

  • Setup and configuration of AutoCAD
  • Advanced use of layers
  • Dimenioning strategy and principles
  • Scaling issues with text and dimension

Delegates learn how to use AutoCAD's more advanced features and commands, becoming more productive in its use.

Target Student

Users who have either attended AutoCAD Essentials Training or who have a basic understanding of AutoCAD through other means.


Delegates should be familiar with the fundamentals of AutoCAD, i.e. have attended AutoCAD Essentials training or have equivalent knowledge.

Course Content

Set up and configuration of AutoCAD

Advanced use of day to day functions people are unaware of - make serious productivity gains

The short trip into 3D - it's amazingly simple

Advanced use of layers, filters and groups

Advanced use of text, masks, fields and tables

Dimensioning strategy and principles

Setting up dimension styles and sub styles

Tolerancing and geometric tolerancing


Tricks and tips, wipeouts, Rev Clouds

Drawing creation - all methods covered

Advanced use of layouts and model space - layer visibility, etc

Scaling issues with text and dimensions - annotative vs. paper space, all methods explained in detail, pro's and con's

Plotting - page setups, CTB files and batch plotting of multi-sheet PDF files

Blocks - creation of and how to use them properly

Building symbol libraries - never draw something twice!

Use of the design centre and tool palettes

Creating and editing attributes

Dynamic blocks

Xrefs explained - how, when an why use them

Data extraction into tables

Customisation - shortcut keys, custom icons, custom palettes.