ACADESS – AutoCAD Essentials Training

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  • Code: ACADESS
  • Duration: Days 3
  • Price per delegate: £795.00 +VAT

Trained over 60000 delegates

Course delivered by industry expert instructors

Highly competitive pricing

Course Description

Provides a thorough grounding in AutoCAD for beginners, teaching the most widely used commands and techniques for producing high-quality, accurate 2D drawings. The AutoCAD drawing techniques taught are generic, and relevant to all industries.

Target Student

This course is ideal for the following:

  • Newcomers to AutoCAD and CAD drawing.
  • Users with a small amount of AutoCAD experience.
  • Users who previously used a different CAD tool are looking to migrate to AutoCAD.


Delegates should have a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows®. No prior CAD knowledge is necessary.

Course Content

The AutoCAD Interface

  • Features of the ribbon
  • The Application menu
  • The Quick Access toolbar
  • The command line

Creating Basic Drawings

  • Creating basic objects
  • Working with polylines
  • Using object snaps
  • Using object snap tracking

Accurate Object Creation

  • Working wiht units
  • Cartesian coordinates
  • Polar coordinates
  • Using Inquiry commands

Object Viewing

  • Zooming techniques
  • Panning techniques

Manipulating objects

  • Selecting objects in the drawing
  • Moving objects
  • Copying objects
  • Rotating objects
  • Mirroring objects
  • Arraying objects
  • Scaling objects

Altering objects

  • Trimming and extending object to define boundaries
  • Creating parallel and offset geometry
  • Joining objects
  • Chamfering corners between two objects
  • Stretching objects

Drawing Organisation

  • Using layers
  • Changing objecct properties
  • Matching object properties
  • Using the properties palette
  • Using linetypes

Working with Layouts

  • Using page setups
  • Using layouts
  • Using viewports
  • Scaling drawing views

Annotating the Drawing

  • Creating mulitiline text
  • Creating single line text
  • using text styles
  • Editing text


  • Creating dimensions
  • Using dimension styles
  • Editing dimensions
  • Using multileaders

Hatching objects

  • Hatching objects
  • Editing hatch objects

Working with reusable content

  • Creating and inserting blocks
  • Using tool palettes

Plotting your Drawings

  • Plotting drawings
  • PDF output
  • Using Plotstyles

Creating Drawing Templates

  • Using drawing templates