ACAD3D – AutoCAD 3D Training

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  • Code: ACAD3D
  • Duration: Days 2
  • Price per delegate: £395.00 +VAT

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Course Description

Introduces the concepts behind 3D modelling, and teaches everything you need to produce 3D drawings and models in AutoCAD.

Target Student

This course is ideal for users proficient in using AutoCAD to produce 2D drawings who now want to take advantage of AutoCAD's 3D drawing and modelling capabilities.


Delegates should be familiar with the fundamentals of AutoCAD, i.e. have attended AutoCAD Essentials training or have equivalent knowledge. No previous 3D modelling experience is required, and delegates don't necessarily need to have completed AutoCAD Intermediate training.

Performance Based Objectives

Teaches the fundamentals of 3D modelling, teaching you how to:

  • Create modles from 2D designs
  • Create full working drawings of your 3D models
  • Produce visualisation models
  • Using lighting and materials to enhance your design

Course Content


  • Converting a 2D drawing into a 3D model in a couple of clicks
  • Viewing the 3D model created and introduction to visual styles
  • Introduction to basic primitive solid shapes
  • Combining shapes to make complex models with Boolean commands
  • Union, subtract, intersect and interfere
  • Moving the UCS - why, when and how
  • The two 'right hand rules' key to 3D, and understanding this will make a 3D breeze
  • Editing solid materials, complex solids with history, face editing and slicing
  • Advanced functions loft sweep and introduction to surfaces
  • Slicing solid models and slicing models using surfaces
  • Knowing this makes even ground modelling possible
  • Creating a 3D block library, nevery again create the same thing twice


  • Visual styles and creating styles of our own
  • Rendering the model
  • Applying materials and creating your own
  • Applying lights, shadows and reflections
  • Saving the rendered image


  • Creating full working drawings from your 3D design with full orthographic projection
  • Sectioning a view
  • Details view
  • 3D printing rapid prototyping

Talking to other CAD Software:

  • Step, Iges, Catia, SolidWorks, etc