PRINCE2, MSP or MoP training courses

As part of the toolset offered by AXELOS for the successful delivery of change, three frameworks exist which provide best practice guidance: PRINCE2®, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) and Management of Portfolios (MoP®)

The question is often asked of us ‘So what would be the best one for me to certify in?’ It may be that you are looking to enhance your career or alternatively looking for training to develop your skills in the wider aspects of business change.

We would recommend that you start by asking the question ‘What are my objectives for the training?’  Am I looking to develop my skills in delivering change or am I looking to develop skills in decision making with regard to the changes my organisation/department should invest in to support the achievement of its strategic objectives.


Delivery of Change


If I’m looking to develop my skills in delivering change then PRINCE2 or MSP is likely to be the best training for me. 

The PRINCE2 method is focused very much at a project level and provides a method to follow for the successful delivery of projects from start to finish. It contains principles, themes and processes which when integrated together provide a good platform on which you can deliver your projects successfully. The guidance covers key elements of good project management practice including business justification, planning the project, managing risk and what is required to monitor and control a project.

MSP is a practical framework for programme management that contains principles, themes and a ‘transformational flow’ life cycle. None of the principles covered in MSP are particularly new, nor for that matter are the themes (including organization, risk management and leadership and stakeholder engagement) but bringing these ideas together in this framework provides powerful tools to support the delivery of transformational business change through for example a collection of related projects and business change activities. By aligning a number of related projects within a programme it provides the organisation with the capacity to deliver stepped changes in its capability. MSP provides a detailed focus on areas such as benefits management, stakeholder engagement and transitioning of project outputs into the business. MSP training may well be right for you if you are working or hope in the future to be working in transformational change initiatives.

Foundation and Practitioner

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Defining, Prioritizing and Selecting Change initiatives.


However, if your role or objective relates more to defining, prioritizing and selecting changes by answering questions like ‘What change initiatives should my organization invest in?’ and ‘are these the right ones?’ then certainly training in MoP is what you should consider.  MoP is a set of principles, practices and techniques which provide guidance in determining what are the right programmes and projects an organisation should invest in and how they link to the delivery of the organisation’s or department’s strategic objectives. This training is suitable for people at various levels in the organization from the CEO right through to programme and project managers.

It is worthwhile to note that these are excellent frameworks which contain best practice guidance. So in answer to the question ‘What should I train in?’ is your focus now or likely to be about ‘doing projects and programmes right’ or ‘doing the right programmes and projects’? Which one is right for you?

MoP Foundation and Practitioner

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MoP Foundation and Practitioner

Next up

What’s the Benefit?

Most organisations nowadays are looking to maximise their investment in change initiatives. The area of focus is moving from successful delivery to the achieving benefits. From a business perspective – yes it is good to deliver projects and programs successfully but how can we demonstrate this?

The focus on benefits is something that can be seen throughout the Best Practice frameworks. At project, programme and portfolio level there is a significant focus on benefits in the three frameworks, namely PRINCE2®, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) and Management of Portfolios (MoP®). Without this benefits focus we struggle to demonstrate what the justification is for a programme or a project. Without that justification our initiatives should not be started or allowed to continue.

If we are working at a project level, our focus (using PRINCE2) is very much on the business justification of our project. Why are we doing this project? Based on the combination of costs, benefits and risk we can determine whether or not the project should be started and should then continue through to completion. We have a very definite focus on the project output but we also keep a focus on benefits to be achieved that are specific to the individual project.

Stepping up to the next level, at a programme level, the essence of successfully delivering our programme is making a stepped change to our organisation’s capability often linked to a strategic objective of our organisation. This involves us taking a much more detailed view of benefits. Looking at how the projects in our programme will deliver outputs which in turn lead to benefits which support one or more of our organisation’s strategic objectives. The combined effect of managing benefits at a program level enables us to maximise the benefits to be achieved and ensuring that there is a direct link between the project benefits and the organisational benefit to be achieved. The MSP Framework covers benefits in a degree of detail which builds on the approach taken in PRINCE2.

At a portfolio level, Management of Portfolios (MoP) sets the delivery of benefits within a portfolio context as well. At this level we are looking to demonstrate how benefits are linked to the achievement of the organizations strategic objectives. This is key for organisation’s today as more and more pressure is being place on them to maximize their delivery.

The frameworks give us excellent guidance on approaching benefits at the various levels of change. One thing that all three frameworks support is that benefits should be defined in measurable terms. This is how we can demonstrate achievement.

So when we are asked ‘What’s the benefit?’, this focus on benefits provides us with the way in which we can demonstrate to our organisation why effective delivery using best practice frameworks is critical in today’s environment.

Alvin Gardiner

Project, programme and portfolio management consultant and trainer.

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