MSEFTEAMS – Effective Facilitation Using Microsoft Teams

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  • Duration: Half Day
  • Price per delegate: £195.00 +VAT

Trained over 60000 delegates

Course delivered by industry expert instructors

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Course Description

This half day virtual session is designed to give delegates the opportunity to consider how best to facilitate a meeting, presentation or training event using Microsoft Teams.

This will be an interactive session using Microsoft Teams, where we explore:

  • The role, responsibilities, skills and qualities of an effective facilitator in a virtual world – and how this differs from face to face facilitation
  • The challenges and benefits of moving sessions online
  • Before the session: what do we need to do in preparation for the session?
  • Designing an interactive session that encourages audience participation and engagement
  • Choosing the right content, tools and material using Microsoft Teams
  • Personal skills to use when facilitating a virtual session
  • Hints and tips – sharing best practice and experience

Course Outline

Welcome, objectives & agenda (including use of opening slides)

Challenges & benefits of moving training online

  • Capturing the challenges & benefits of facilitating a meeting or event online
  • As an attendee learner, what would you want in a virtual session?
  • As a facilitator, what’s important to you?

Preparing for the session

  • What’s different from face to face training?
  • How do you decide the method of training?
  • Number of delegates and their personal situations
  • Timings
  • Objectives
  • Setting up the meeting on Teams
  • Issuing invitations
  • Sharing agendas/ documents/ other information prior to the session
  • Mitigating any challenges for self and attendees e.g. technical

Designing the session

  • What might the session look like?
  • How can they adapt existing material?
  • How can they ensure interaction?
  • What tools and techniques can they use? (e.g. Chatbox, emojis, annotation, polls, additional technology)
  • Suggestions for interaction, discussion on the value of each of these, and when most appropriate.

Facilitating the session

  • Initial instructions and information
  • Building rapport
  • How do they want to come across to ensure engagement (including visual, energy and tone of voice)?
  • Sharing slides – viewing presenters notes
  • Creating an interactive session with participation from all attendees, raising hand, chatbox, discussion, breakout - how to set these up and polls

Hints and tips

  • Testing the session (including technology)
  • Best background, including use of microphones, headsets, mute.

Personal actions

  • Next steps, support needed and commitment