ETSPMCC – Sustainable Project Management and Climate Change

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  • Code: ETSPMCC
  • Duration: Half Day
  • Price per delegate: £395.00 +VAT

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Course Description

This workshop has been designed to provide project delivery practitioners with an introduction to applying sustainability to project delivery and decision making as per the Scottish Government guidelines. During the workshop participants will have the opportunity to consider:

  • the background to sustainability and climate change as it impacts on project delivery throughout the project lifecycle,
  • the areas over which they have control and influence and how they can best effect this, and
  • what steps they can take now to start promoting this.

The workshop is designed to be interactive, incorporating activities which enable participants to consider the topics in small group sessions once key aspects have been explored.

Course Objectives

To provide participants with:

  • An understanding of the Scottish Government requirements with regard to climate change and sustainability and how this fit within the wider climate change environment;
  • An appreciation of how this can impact on the delivery of projects in relation to process, social, environmental and economic aspects; and
  • An understanding of the unique position of the project delivery practitioner to effect outcomes that support sustainability within their project environment.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session participants should be able to:

  • Understand the high-level areas of impact that need to be considered when considering climate change and sustainability;
  • Contribute to and influence the discussion on specific areas which relate to the project delivery environment; and
  • Advise on and influence decisions on key areas impacted by sustainability and climate change throughout the project lifecycle.

Course Content

The content of the workshop will include four core sessions which will explore the impact of sustainability in the project delivery environment namely project process, economic, social and environmental areas.

  • Introductions
  • Background to climate change and sustainability
    • The need for action UN sustainable development goals
    • Scottish Government expectations, and
    • Triple Bottom Line – Shifting the paradigm.
  • Project delivery and its power to influence change
    • Building Sustainability into the project environment.
  • Project Environment
    • Product Design sustainability and longevity
    • Six Critical Success Factors, ‘The Iron Triangle’ – time, cost and quality and risk, benefits, value.
  • Economic Impacts
    • Business justification and business agility.
  • Social Impacts
    • Working environment, society and customers.
  • Environmental Impacts
    • Energy, transport and consumption.
  • Summary and Conclusion