ETMSPTSO – SharePoint 2016 for Site Owners

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  • Code: ETMSPTSO
  • Duration: Days 2
  • Price per delegate: £795.00 +VAT

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Course Description

SharePoint is a collaboration platform that allows multiple users to share documents, exchange ideas, and work together. This new version of SharePoint includes hybrid cloud search, the app launcher, new collaboration experiences, user interface changes, and more.

This course is intended to help users experienced with using SharePoint as a basic user understand how to create sites and manage them. We will cover the changes that have been made to the user interface, show users how to create new sites, libraries, lists, as well as change site settings and manage site options.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, users should be comfortable with creating new sites in SharePoint, adding and configuring libraries; adding and configuring lists; configuring site settings, assigning permissions and access rights; and working with advanced site options.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Creating a New Site

TOPIC A: Create a Site

  • What is SharePoint?
  • SharePoint Site Hierarchy
  • What are Top-Level Sites?
  • SharePoint Site Templates
  • Site Creation Options
  • Navigate the Site Settings Page
  • Site Actions Group
  • Deleting a Site
  • Activity 1-1

TOPIC B: Design Your SharePoint Site

  • Look and Feel Group
  • Change Title, Description, and Logo
  • Change the Look Settings Page
  • Customize Looks
  • Customize Text Layout
  • Activity 1-2

Summary and review questions

Lesson 2: Adding and Configuring Libraries

TOPIC A: Configure a Document Library for a Team Site

  • Document Library Settings
  • Navigate Documents Settings page
  • Change Library Name, Description, and Navigation Settings
  • Change Versioning Settings
  • Change Advanced Settings
  • Change Enterprise Metadata and Keyword Settings
  • Activity 2-1

TOPIC B: Configure the Site Assets Library for a Site

  • What is an Asset Library?
  • Create an Asset Library
  • What is the Rating Feature?
  • What is Content Approval?
  • Activity 2-2

TOPIC C: Add a Wiki to your Site

  • What is a Wiki?
  • Add a Wiki Page Library
  • Wiki Page Library Settings
  • Approving Content
  • Activity 2-3

Summary and review questions

Lesson 3: Adding and Configuring Lists

TOPIC A: Add an Announcement List

  • What is an Announcements List?
  • Add an Announcement List
  • Add a List, Library, or App on a Page
  • Edit Web Part Options
  • Web Part Toolbar Options
  • Activity 3-1

TOPIC B: Add a Task List

  • What are Task Lists?
  • Add a Task List
  • Activity 3-2

TOPIC C: Add Contact and Calendar Lists

  • What are Calendar Lists?
  • Add Calendar Lists
  • What are Contacts Lists?
  • Add Contact Lists
  • Activity 3-3

TOPIC D: Add a Blog

  • What is a Blog Site?
  • Add a Blog Site 123
  • Writing and Managing Blog Entries
  • Activity 3-4

TOPIC E: Add a Custom List

  • What are Custom Lists?
  • Adding a Custom List
  • Options When Adding List Columns
  • What are Calculated Columns?
  • Validation Settings
  • Activity 3-5

Summary and review questions

Lesson 4: Configuring Site Settings

TOPIC A: Configure Site Search Options

  • What are Result Sources?
  • What are Result Pages?
  • Configure Site Search Settings
  • What is the SharePoint Search Center?
  • Activity 4-1

TOPIC B: Configure Site Administration Settings

  • Site Administration Settings Group
  • Configure Regional Settings
  • Access Popularity Trends
  • Activity 4-2

TOPIC C: Configure Site Navigation Settings

  • Site Navigation
  • What are Site Pages?
  • Navigation Elements
  • Configure Quick Launch Options
  • Configure the Top Link Bar
  • Notes on Navigation Across SharePoint Sites
  • Activity 4-3

Lesson 5: Assigning Permissions and Access Rights

TOPIC A: Configure Site Permissions and Security Options

  • What are SharePoint Permissions?
  • SharePoint Users vs User Accounts
  • Using SharePoint Groups
  • SharePoint Permission Levels
  • What is Permission Inheritance?
  • Securable Objects
  • Permissions for Securable Objects
  • Permissions for Sites
  • Activity 5-1

Summary and review questions