DEVOPSITIL – Adopting DevOps in an ITIL Environment

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  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Price per delegate: £995.00 +VAT

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Course Description

This a highly practical course is designed to take an organization working in an ITIL environment through the steps to adopting DevOps and choice of a first value stream to work with.

Target Student

App Dev teams, Service Mgmt teams, IT leadership, IT project managers plus potentially Business Analysts, Testers, Security


ITIL foundation and a basic appreciation of DevOps are advantageous.

Performance-Based Objectives

  • Understand the key components of a successful DevOps business case
  • Choose the first value stream to be worked on
  • Perform a DevOps Readiness Assessment
  • Understanding how Agile Users Stories and ITIL Change Management theory are compatible
  • Be able to put together the right skillset for successful adoption
  • Adapt an ITIL Release policy for a DevOps / automated environment

Course Content

Definitions & Perceptions: Giving us a common lexicon for the course and exploring current perceptions of DevOps and ITIL.

Case Study: Introduction to Global Appliance Supply Company – Includes a SWOT analysis focused on DevOps adoption.

Business Case and Value Stream: The business case for DevOps incorporating the measures by which success will be judged. Choosing the first value stream to be worked on.

Stakeholder Management: identifying the key stakeholders in adopting DevOps and levels of commitment needed.

DevOps Readiness Assessment: a lower level look at the individual requirements for the successful adoption.

Time to Value: Understanding how Agile Users Stories and ITIL Change Management theory are compatible.

DevOps Team Structure: putting together the right people from a diverse group of candidates.

Release and Change: adaption of a standard ITIL Release policy for a DevOps / automated environment.

Tooling: exploring the concept of a tool chain and choosing the correct set for our scenario.

Further integration: Following the success of our first value stream how can we apply DevOps concepts elsewhere in the lifecycle?

Adaption for Future Value Streams: taking the rejected value streams from exercise 3 and thinking about how we could make them work.