ADXIBASIC – Adobe Acrobat XI Pro: Basic

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  • Duration: Days 1
  • Price per delegate: £195.00 +VAT

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Course ¨¨Description:

Acrobat XI Pro: Basic will teach delegates fundamental concepts and terminology, as well as the basic features of Adobe Acrobat XI Pro. Delegates will learn how to create PDF documents, edit text, and modify images. They™ll also move pages, optimize file size, work with bookmarks, add links, and manage security issues by using password encryption, digital signatures, and electronic signatures. They'll explore document review techniques, including the use of comments, markups, and shared reviews.¨¨¨


Windows 7: Basic or equivalent experience

Course Content:

                         Unit 1:  Getting started

                               Topic A:  The Acrobat environment
                               Topic B:  Advanced navigation
                               Topic C:  Finding text
                               Topic D:  Setting preferences

                         Unit 2:  Creating PDF documents

                               Topic A:  Printing to PDF from any application
                               Topic B:  Acrobat PDFMaker
                               Topic C:  The Create PDF commands
                               Topic D:  Saving to the Cloud

                         Unit 3:  Editing text, images, and page elements

                               Topic A:  Editing text and images
                               Topic B:  Editing page design

                         Unit 4:  Modifying PDF documents

                               Topic A:  Moving document pages
                               Topic B:  Inserting and manipulating pages
                               Topic C:  Moving PDF content to other programs
                               Topic D:  Optimizing PDF file size

                         Unit 5:  Document navigation tools

                               Topic A:  Working with bookmarks
                               Topic B:  Working with links

                         Unit 6:  Document security

                               Topic A:  Password protection
                               Topic B:  Digital signatures
                               Topic C:  Encryption certification and security envelopes
                               Topic D:  Electronic Signatures

                         Unit 7:  Document review techniques

                               Topic A:  Document reviews
                               Topic B:  Managing comments and markups
                               Topic C:  Shared Reviews