ADPSCS6L1 – Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Level 1

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  • Code: ADPSCS6L1
  • Duration: Days 2
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Course Description

You will understand and use the various elements in the Photoshop CS6 interface so as to efficiently work with the software. You will use the different tools in Photoshop for selecting parts of images and identify the need for having layers in a Photoshop document. You will also organize the different components of the design as layers. With the layered Photoshop document thus created, you will apply layer effects and other special effects in order to enhance the appearance of the design. Once the design is finalized, you will save images in both print and web formats.

Target Student

Adobe® Photoshop® CS6: Level 1 is intended for a diverse audience including, but not limited to, computer-savvy professionals who want to create and enhance graphics for marketing materials, newsletters, blogs, and websites; photographers who want to work with and prepare photos for print or web; students with an interest in graphic design or those with novice design skills; and professionals who want to learn and use Photoshop CS6 as a complement to other CS6 programs, such as Illustrator. The course covers the Adobe Visual Communication using Photoshop CS6 objectives, and is intended to help prepare students to take the Adobe Certified Associate exam. Please refer to the CD-ROM that came with this course for a document that maps the Adobe Visual Communication using Photoshop CS6 objectives to the content in the Adobe Photoshop CS6 series


Before taking this course, students should be familiar with the basic functions of their computer's operating system such as creating folders, launching programs, and working with windows. Students should also have basic Windows application skills, such as copying and pasting objects, formatting text, saving files, and so on.

Performance based objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • explore the Adobe Photoshop CS6 environment.
  • Make basic photo corrections
  • work with selections.
  • work with multiple layers.
  • Use masks and channels
  • Correct and enhance digital photographs
  • Typographic design
  • save images for web and print.

Course Content

Getting to Know the Work Area

à      Starting to Work in Adobe Photoshop
à      Using the Tools
à      Using the Options Bar and other Panels
à      Customising the Workspace

Basic Photo Corrections

à      Strategy for Retouching
à      Straightening and Cropping an Image
à      Making Automatic Adjustments
à      Removing a Colour Cast
à      Manually Adjusting the Tonal Range
à      Replacing Colours in an Image
à      Adjusting Lightness with the Dodge tool
à      Adjusting Saturation with the Sponge Tool
à      Comparing Automatic and Manual Results
à      Repairing Areas with the Clone Stamp Tool
à      Using the Spot Healing Brush and Healing Brush Tools
à      Applying the Unsharp Mask Filter

Working with Selections

à      About Selecting and Selection Tools
à      Using the Quick Selection Tools
à      Moving a Selected Area
à      Manipulating Selections
à      Using the Magic Wand Tool
à      Cropping an Image and Erasing within a Selection
à      Refining the Edge of a Selection

Layer Basics

à      About Layers
à      Using the Layers Panel
à      Rearranging Layers
à      Applying a Gradient to a Layer
à      Applying a Layer Style
à      Flattening and Saving Files

Masks and Channels

à      Working with Masks and Channels
à      Creating a Quick Mask
à      Editing a Mask
à      Viewing Channels
à      Adjusting Individual Channels
à      Loading a Mask as a Selection
à      Applying Filters to a Mask
à      Applying Effects using a Gradient Mask
à      Resizing the Canvas
à      Removing the Background from an Image
à      Moving Layers between Documents
à      Colourising with an Adjustment Layer
à      Grouping and Clipping Layers
à      Inverting a Mask
à      Using Type as a Mask

Correcting and Enhancing Digital Photographs

à      About Camera Raw
à      Processing Files in Camera Raw
à      Correcting Digital Photographs in Photoshop
à      Editing Images with a Vanishing-Point Perspective
à      Correcting Image Distortion
à      Adding Depth of Field

Typographic Design

à      About Type
à      Creating a Clipping Mask from Type
à      Creating a Design Element from Type
à      Using Interactive Formatting Controls
à      Warping Point Type
à      Designing a Paragraph of Type
à      Warping a Layer

Saving Completed Images

à      Saving Images for Use in Print Applications
à      Saving Images for the Web
à      Saving Images as PDF