ADCPT8 – Adobe Captivate 8

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  • Code: ADCPT8
  • Duration: Days 2
  • Price per delegate: £Fee +VAT

Trained over 60000 delegates

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Course Description:

The Captivate Learning Environment

    Captivate Workflow for Systems Training
    Start Page
    Main Editing Interface
    Workspace Layout

Create a blank project

    New project options dialog box
    The Recording window
    Settings button
    Editing Slides
    Slide Properties

Captivate 8 Responsive Design Workflow

    The Mobile First eLearning Approach
    Using Agile Development for Mobile Projects
    What is Responsive Design?
    Development Time Estimation for Mobile
    Example: Responsive eLearning Design Review
    Instructional Design Strategies for Mobile
    The Desktop Down Screen Strategy

Creating a Responsive Project

    Relative Position vs. Absolute Position
    Open a Completed Captivate 8 Responsive Project
    Previewing a Responsive Project

Working with text captions and pointers

    Updating text captions
    Text Caption Editing
    Resizing and moving
    Object Style Manager
    Modify the Pointer
    Pointer path

Working with the Timeline

    Set stacking order

Working with objects

    Using the Grid and the Align panel
    Stacking and Merging Images
    Adding Smart Shapes

Inserting animations

    Text animation
    Inserting Animations

Using FLV and F4V formatted video

    Adding Slide video
    The type of video that you want to insert
    Changing a typing layer to an animation
    Adding Widgets
    Smart learning interactions

Recording software demonstrations with audio

    Record audio Dialog box
    Audio file importing and editing
    Closed Captioning
    Text to speech
    Recording software simulations

Importing rollover caption and images

    Rollover Caption
    Rollover Image
    Rollover Slidelets
    Zoom Area
    Editing click boxes
    Importing PowerPoint slides
    Inserting buttons
    Adding text entry boxes
    Using variables
    Creating advanced actions

Inserting question slide

    Slide pool and random slides
    Inserting random slides

Setting reporting options


Updating projects

    Recording additional slides into an existing project

Themes and Project Templates



    Set up your project for review using
    Sharing projects for review on an internal server

Learning Management System (LMS)

    Quiz preferences
    AICC and SCORM
    Manifest File
    Manifest dialog box

Publishing to HTML5

Other Reporting and Publishing options

    Reporting to
    Interrogating the results via the Adobe Captivate Quiz Results Analyser
    Reporting to an internal server
    Spell Check
    Skin Editor and Table of Contents
    Start and End
    Resize Projects
    Roundtrip editing via Word
    Publishing to YouTube

Aggregator projects

    Create an ˜aggregator™ project
    Publish the aggregator project