76502 – Linux Red Hat Introduction

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  • Code: 76502
  • Duration: Days 1
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Course Description
This course is designed as an Introduction to Linux and the Gnome desktop for the student who needs to learn the basics about the Linux operating system. Students will learn how to log in and out of Linux and will learn how to effectively use windows and desktops. In addition, students will use the Gnome environment to manage information, work with Linux programs, customize the desktop, and access and browse the Web. Students will also have opportunity to explore the command line, which is an alternative environment for working with Linux.

Target Student: Students enrolling in this course should have a basic knowledge of personal computers. Students will probably get the most out of this course if they want to learn the basics of working with the Linux operating system.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisite courses required for this course; however, it would be helpful to have a basic knowledge of computer concepts, including an understanding of the function of operating systems. No Linux knowledge is assumed.

Performance-Based Objectives
Lesson objectives help students become comfortable with the course, and also provide a means to evaluate learning. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Log in and log out of Linux, identify the components of the Linux desktop, and access basic Linux features.
Control multiple windows and move among desktop areas.
Use the File Manager to manage files and directories.
Work with a variety of applications that are included with the Red Hat Linux distribution and use common program techniques.
Gain experience working in the Linux command line environment.
Customize the Linux desktop to best suit their needs.
Access the Internet and use the basic functions of the Netscape Communicator environment.
Course Content
Lesson 1: Introduction to Linux
A Brief History of Linux
Starting Linux
The Gnome Desktop
Logging Out
Lesson 2: Working With Windows and Desktops
Working with Windows
Working with Desktop Areas
Getting Help
Lesson 3: Managing Files in Linux
The File System
The Gnome File Manager
Managing Your Files
Other Things To Do With Files
Lesson 4: Linux Applications
Using gnotepad+
Using XPaint
Using Other Linux Applications
Lesson 5: The Command Line Environment
Working with the Command Line
Lesson 6: Customizing Linux Settings
Customizing Desktop Settings
Customizing the Gnome Panel
Lesson 7: Using Linux to Browse the Web
Orientation to the Internet and World Wide Web
Browsing the Web
Using Bookmarks on the Web
Searching the Web
Appendix A: Working with Floppy Disks
Appendix B: Linux Security