ETSSMINT – Minute Taking

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  • Code: ETSSMINT
  • Duration: Days 1
  • Price per delegate: £395.00 +VAT

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Course Description

Good minute-takers are worth their weight in gold. Minute-takers can do more than record the outcomes of meetings concisely; they can also help the chair run the meeting more effectively. This workshop brings participants up to date with the latest thinking on meetings and covers all the practical skills of minute taking. A key message is that minute-taking can only be as effective as part of the wider process of meeting administration. Participants will be able to take away ideas for improving the quality of their work.

Target Student

This workshop is aimed at any individual who in the course of their work are required to take minutes.



Delivery Method

Instructor led, group paced.

Performance-Based Objectives

By the end of today, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of minutes
  • Outline the benefits of good minute taking
  • Agree best practice for writing minutes
  • Demonstrate active listening
  • Construct a set of minutes to use as a model back in the workplace

Course Content

  • What are minutes for?
  • Purpose and types of meetings
  • Benefits of good minute taking
  • Writing styles and what to avoid
  • What an agenda is and how to construct one
  • Active listening skills
  • Note taking formats, how to take minutes and create a table of actions
  • Minute taking practice
  • Proof read a colleagues work
  • Rewrite badly written minutes
  • Action planning