ETSSCTS – Customer Service

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  • Code: ETSSCTS
  • Duration: Days 1
  • Price per delegate: £395.00 +VAT

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Course Description

This workshop is about developing participant's awareness of the personal skills, attitudes and behaviours that influence the customer experience. It is also about ensuring individuals take personal responsibility for customer service.

Target Student

Any individual, who in the course of their work, is expected to provide a service to others. All skills and behaviours relate equally to either internal or external customers.



Delivery Method

Instructor led, group paced.

Performance-Based Objectives

By the end of today, delegates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the skills and behaviours required for excellent customer service
  • Explain best practice when dealing with customers in line with company standards
  • Demonstrate the ability to deliver a pro-active service to your customers
  • Explain standards for answering the telephone
  • Build a practice of continuous improvement into your work place

Course Content

What is a customer?

Although it may seem a simple question, a little time will be spent focusing on who your customers are to ensure a consistent approach throughout the organisation.

Love story Horror story

Everyone has one! Small group exercise to establish the components of excellent customer service.

Behaviour breeds behaviour

A look at the ways in which our own behaviour can often impact on others without us realising.

Delivering a good customer experience

Group tasks and discussion to develop the can do philosophy.

Dealing with difficult customers

Group discussion to establish if people really are so difficult or are they simply reacting to the circumstances in which they find themselves.

Here we will work on some case studies to establish good practice for dealing with customers who contact you via the telephone.

Establishing a customer charter group exercise where each individual will contribute one thing that they will do to improve their customer service delivery.