ETEPPL1 – Excel Power Pivot

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  • Code: ETEPPL1
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Price per delegate: £575.00 +VAT

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Excel Power Pivot

  • Use a wide variety of data sources within PowerPivot
  • Create calculations within PowerPivot
  • Manage various PivotTables created by PowerPivot

Course Outline

Module 1 - PivotTable Review

  • PivotTable Hints and Tips

Module 2 - Introduction to PowerPivot

  • PowerPivot Overview

Module 3 - Connecting to Single Table Data Sources

  • Pasting Data into PowerPivot
  • Checking PowerPivot can Produce Results
  • Excel (Flat-File Database) as a Data Source
  • Importing Data from Data Feeds into PowerPivot (Internet connection required)
  • Excel Linked Tables as a Data Source

Module 4 - Working with Multiple Table Data Sources

  • Access Tables (Relational Database) as a Data Source
  • Creating a Perspective to make Field Lists Manageable
  • Filtering Data during Importing External Data

Module 5 - The Diagram View

  • The Diagram View in PowerPivot
  • Managing Relationships and Tables in the Diagram View
  • Working with Hierarchies

Module 6 - Calculations and KPIs

  • Create a Calculated Column
  • AutoSum Calculations
  • Working with Dates in a PowerPivot Environment
  • Creating a KPI
  • Adding a KPI to a PivotTable

Module 7 - Working with Slicers

  • Slicer Settings