MHWTM – Managing a Hybrid Working Team

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  • Code: MHWTM
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Price per delegate: £395.00 +VAT

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Course Description

Until recently, teams needed to be in the same location to work most effectively in many work environments. The Covid 19 pandemic forced many employers into a new situation, where many, sometimes all employees, worked from home. 2020 and 2021 heralded an unprecedented change in where and how people were working, impacting the styles and responsibilities of leaders.

This course is designed to give managers and leaders the opportunity to explore the challenges, and also the benefits, of having responsibility for the workforce of the future – a workforce that may be scattered, with some employees working from home, often in differing geographical locations, and some based in the workplace.

In this one-day virtual session managers and leaders will consider different situations they may experience. A team may have a variety of circumstances. Some team members may work in small groups in the same office or work environment, others may work individually or at home. Hot desking may have been introduced, team members may see one another rarely, or only on virtual calls, new members of staff may join the team and never have any face to face contact with their colleagues.

In addition to the emotions relating to change and the pandemic, there can be strong feelings towards others in the team, where individuals find it hard to appreciate that certain roles necessitate working on site, and there may be limitations to who, and when, people can work from home.

The session will also focus on the specific skills and flexibility of leadership style necessary to help teams stay motivated, engaged, and achieving objectives.

The course will be interactive and include the use of Meeting chat, breakout rooms, polls, group discussions, and personal reflection time.

Target Student

Any professional with responsibility for managing, leading, or supporting hybrid working teams.




This workshop will give delegates the opportunity to:

  • Explore the changes they have experienced and the potential impact on their team
  • Define the purpose of the team and how best to align team structure
  • Consider what support is needed to ensure teamwork, motivation, and engagement
  • Explore the leadership styles and behaviours that will best encourage the team and individuals
  • Recognise theories and models that help understand how and when to adapt behaviour
  • Create a Personal Action Plan

Course content

The Current Situation:

  • What is the current situation?
  • Where are we now as a team?
  • What challenges are we experiencing or facing?
  • What are the benefits of this way of working?
  • What outcomes do we need to achieve?

Leading through Change and Transition:

  • Typical emotions and behaviours when dealing with Change
  • Where are we, and our teams, currently?
  • Actions to support ourselves and lead others through Change and Transition

Defining the Team Purpose:

  • What are our team’s goals and objectives and where do they fit in the organisation?
  • Developing team dynamics (including Tuckman model)
  • Managing the task, the team, and the individual
  • Setting goals, objectives, and timescales
  • Creating and supporting a highly effective team

Communicating with your Hybrid Working Team:

  • Selecting the best method of communicating with your team
  • Challenges of ensuring fairness when communicating
  • Planning communication for maximum impact

Working as a team:

  • Exercises to build relationships and encourage teamwork

Personal Action Plan:

  • Personal realisations and actions as a result of attending the session