EX13L3 – Microsoft Office Excel 2013 Level 3

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  • Code: EX13L3
  • Duration: Days 1
  • Price per delegate: £295.00 +VAT

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Description for Microsoft Office Excel 2013 Level 3 Training Course

The level 3 course will build on the previous Excel courses, introducing more advanced topics.

Target Student: 

Previous experience with Microsoft Excel has given a solid foundation in working with this package. In this course, you will learn about some of the more advanced features of Excel, including pivot tables, data validation and advanced formulas.


  • Use Named Ranges
  • Work with Excel Tables
  • Sort and Filter Data
  • Apply Conditional Formatting
  • Apply Filters
  • Create Charts

Performance-Based Objectives

  • Validate Data
  • Used Advanced Formulas
  • Use Auditing Tools
  • Create and manipulate PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Work with Templates
  • Insert Illustrations

Course Content

Lesson 1: Data Validation

  • Number Validation
  • Data List Validation
  • Message Prompts and Alerts
  • Conditional Data Validation
  • Data Validation Errors

Lesson 2: Advanced Formulas

  • Statistical Functions
  • Working with Text Functions
  • Calculating with Financial Functions
  • Date and Time Functions
  • Database Functions

Lesson 3: Auditing a Worksheet

  • Display formulas in worksheet cells
  • Show precedent and dependent cells
  • Finding and Resolving Errors
  • Using the Watch Window
  • Evaluating a Formula

Lesson 4: Appendix - Inserting Illustrations

  • SmartArt
  • Insert Images into a Spreadsheet
  • Insert Shapes into a Spreadsheet
  • Group and Layer Graphics

Lesson 5: Creating PivotTables, PivotCharts and Slicers

  • Creating a PivotTable
  • Amending the fields in a PivotTable
  • Updating the PivotTable
  • Adding Calculations to a PivotTable
  • Add Grouping to a PivotChart
  • Creating a PivotChart
  • Slicers
  • PivotTable Timelines
  • Creating from Tables and Related Tables.
  • PowerPivot Add-In

Lesson 6: Working with Templates

  • Create a Hyperlink
  • Adding Comments