ETJQFUND – jQuery Fundamentals

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  • Code: ETJQFUND
  • Duration: Days 2
  • Price per delegate: £575.00 +VAT

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Course Description

The most popular JavaScript library in the world, jQuery turns the chore of web development with JavaScript into a pleasure!
Both beginners and experienced jQuery users will be delighted with this course. It provides extensive training on selectors, DOM manipulation, events, effects, AJAX and jQuery utilities. When you complete this course you will be ready to use jQuery with confidence in your next web development project.

Target Student:

If you need to learn AJAX communication between your browser and your website this course is for you. If you need to make your pages more interactive and learn how to make the interaction more organic this course is for you.
If you would like to have a course that will teach you how to use browser based development tools, we will be using Firebug in this course. That™s two courses for the price of one!


You will need a computer with a web server installed.
You will need to know basic HTML and have at least a basic understanding of how a scripting language like JavaScript works.

Delivery Method:

Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Introduction to jQuery
Step 1: Getting Started
Step 2: Exercise Files
Step 3: Introduction to Selectors
Step 4: Exercise: Selectors
Step 5: Introducing Dom Manipulation
Step 6: Exercise with Dom Manipulation
Step 7: Introduction to Events
Step 8: Exercise: Events
Step 9: Introduction to Effects
Step 10: Exercise: Effects
Step 11: CSS, Attributes and More
Step 12: Exercise: CSS, Attributes and More

Lesson 2: Selectors
Step 1: Introduction Selectors
Step 2: Basic Selectors
Step 3: Exercise: Basic Selectors
Step 4: Attribute Selectors
Step 5: Exercise: Attribute Selectors
Step 6: Descendant Selectors
Step 7: Exercise: Descendant Selector
Step 8: Form Selectors
Step 9: Exercise: Form Selector
Step 10: Basic Filter Selectors
Step 11: Exercise: Basic and Child Filter Selectors
Step 12: Content Filters
Step 13: Exercise: Content Filter
Step 14: Visibility Selectors
Step 15: Exercise: Visibility Selector

Lesson 3: Dom Manipulation
Step 1: Introduction to Dom Manipulation
Step 2: Dom Insertion (Inside)
Step 3: Exercise: Dom Insertion (Inside)
Step 4: Dom Insertion (Around and Outside)
Step 5: Exercise: Dom Insertion (Around and Outside) Excercise
Step 6: Copy, Removal and Replacement
Step 7: Exercise: Copy, Removal and Replacement
Step 8: Attribute and Class Manipulation
Step 9: Exercise: Attribute and Class Manipulation
Step 10: Style Manipulation
Step 11: Exercise: Style Manipulation

Lesson 4: Events
Step 1: Introduction to Events
Step 2: Document Load Events
Step 3: Exercise: Document Load Events
Step 4: Browser Events
Step 5: Exercise: Browser Events
Step 6: Event Object
Step 7: Exercise: Event Object
Step 8: Event Handler Attachment
Step 9: Exercise: Event Handler Attachment
Step 10: Form Events
Step 11: Exercise: Form Events
Step 12: Keyboard Events
Step 13: Exercise: Keyboard Events
Step 14: Mouse Events
Step 15: Exercise: Mouse Events

Lesson 5: Effects and Position
Step 1: Introduction to Effects
Step 2: Basic Effects
Step 3: Exercise: Basic Effects
Step 4: Fading Effects
Step 5: Exercise: Fading Effects
Step 6: Sliding Effects
Step 7: Exercise: Sliding Effects
Step 8: Custom Effects
Step 9: Exercise: Custom Effects
Step 10: Offsets and Position
Step 11: Exercise: Offsets and Position

Lesson 6: AJAX
Step 1: Introduction to jQuery AJAX
Step 2: AJAX Simplified
Step 3: Exercise: AJAX Simplified
Step 4: AJAX Helpers
Step 5: Exercise: AJAX Helpers
Step 6: AJAX Handlers
Step 7: Exercise: AJAX Handlers
Step 8: AJAX with Detail Control
Step 9: Exercise: AJAX with Detail Control

Lesson 7: jQuery Utilities
Step 1: Introduction to jQuery Utilities
Step 2: jQuery Functions
Step 3: Exercise: jQuery Functions
Step 4: jQuery Data
Step 5: Exercise: jQuery Data
Step 6: jQuery Arrays
Step 7: Exercise: jQuery Arrays
Step 8: jQuery Each
Step 9: Exercise: jQuery Each