CXA-207 – XenApp 7.5 Skills Update

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  • Code: CXA-207
  • Duration: Days 3
  • Price per delegate: £TBC +VAT

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Course Description:

This course provides experienced Citrix XenApp students with the skills required to implement Citrix XenApp 7.5. 

Students will learn how to configure a XenApp 7.5 environment that includes the following Citrix components:
Delivery Controller, Director, Studio, MCS, NetScaler, Provisioning Services, and Receiver. Upon course completion,
students will be able to implement and configure a XenApp 7.5 solution. This course includes access to a live lab environment.

Target Student:

This course is designed for IT professionals, architects, systems engineers, server administrators, and Citrix Partners
with prior Citrix XenApp experience.


Before taking this course, Citrix recommends that students have:

Knowledge of how previous versions of XenApp work
Understanding of the third-party products involved in an implementation,such as Active Directory and databases
Awareness of the impact of design decisions on a production environment
Experience implementing small scale environments of 100 servers or less for previous XenApp
Experience performing day -to-day tasks required for ensuring maximum performance of application delivery on previous X
enApp products
Experience managing user accounts, apps, and services to given specifications

Performance Based Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, learners are able to:

Recognize the  basic requirements for a XenApp 7.5 implementation
Explain the architecture and where the XenApp components fit in an implementation
Identify how HDX policies, profile management, printing, and delegated administration are configured
Explain how Provisioning Services, StoreFront, and Director work
Identify how applications are made available
Explain the new features in the release
Set up SQL mirroring for high availability
Install the Delivery Controller and set up a site
Join a second Delivery Controller to a site for high availability
Install and configure StoreFront for secure communications
Configure NetScaler to load balance the connections to StoreFront
Configure NetScaler to provide remote access
Install the Virtual Delivery Agent on a virtual machine
Create a Server OS machine catalog to provide hosted shared desktops and hosted applications to users
Configure and optimize Provisioning Services
Create Windows templates for use with Provisioning Services
Create new vDisks and import existing vDisks into Provisioning Services
Create a machine catalog using the XenDesktop Setup Wizard
Create Delivery Groups and publish applications
Deliver App-V applications
Configure Receiver using email - based discovery
Verify internal and external access to resources
Configure load-evaluator policies for server - based VDAs
Monitor an environment with Director
Configure the logging of configuration changes
Configure delegated administration
Use PowerShell cmdlets 2