CWCSS – Coping with Change

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  • Code: CWCSS
  • Duration: Days 1
  • Price per delegate: £395.00 +VAT

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Course Description

The Coping with Change course is an intense 1-day experience where attendees will develop new life changing skills. These new skills will not only help them in the workplace but every area of their life.  There is a balanced mix of learning styles utilised in the course ensuring all attendees have the opportunity to learn in a way they find easiest and most enjoyable.

Change is the one constant we face in life, both in our work and our personal lives.

Thanks to significant advances in technologies and social networks, change is not only more frequent but it happens quicker than ever.

With an ever-changing landscape in the world and economies, in every industry public or private, all businesses have no choice but to flex to survive.

But what does this mean for us as individuals? Are we as humans equipped to deal with this level of change? The short answer is yes but only if we understand what is happening and how to manage some of the physical and emotional impacts on us.

We are all different, but by understanding why our bodies and minds react as they do, we can come up with our own personal coping strategies.

The Coping with Change course is a powerful and enabling 1-day course, which everyone should have the opportunity to do.

Target Student

The course is aimed at all employees and employers who are experiencing change now or will in the future and would like to learn how to cope personally through this time.


None, although it is recommended those who also have to manage people through change, attend the Implementing Change 1 day course

Performance Based Objectives

  • Understand how change can impact us mentally and physically
  • Understand why there is a constant flux of change and how businesses react to this
  • Experience the change cycle within the training and the positive outcomes
  • Each attendee will leave with a personalised coping strategy plan

Course Content

Understanding the impact of change

  • 21st century what is different to before
  • What are the impacts on us and why
  • Walk through examples in the room

Why do organisations and business change?

  • External influences
  • Changes in structure and/or strategy
  • Why can it seem employers are ineffective in implementing changes
  • What it means for us

Change cycle

  • Walk through the change cycle
  • Experience the change cycle using creative techniques
  • Walk through the experience

Building a coping strategy plan

  • Explore different techniques to cope with change
  • What is our natural tendency?
  • Look at each stage and agree own coping techniques
  • Develop own plan which can be put into action immediately