CIASNS – Implementing Cisco Advanced Storage Networking Solutions

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  • Code: CIASNS
  • Duration: Days 5
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Course Description
This course enables the student to implement advanced Cisco MDS 9000 technologies and features that apply primarily to enterprise SANs, and troubleshoot common SAN problems and configuration errors. This course merges CASI and CMSE, including updates for SAN-OS 2.1 and 3.0..

ICSNS v3.0

Course Content
Module 1: Building Enterprise SAN Fabrics:
Given a detailed Fibre Channel SAN design specification, the learner will be able to implement a SAN with multiple virtual fabrics using the full range of features and capabilities provided by the Cisco MDS platform, so that the SAN demonstrates high availability, scalability, performance, and interoperability.
Module 2: Implementing Management and Security Services:
Given a detailed set of Fibre Channel SAN management requirements, the learner will be able to configure and use fabric management, performance management, and security services on the Cisco MDS platform, so that the SAN can be effectively managed, tuned, and secured.
Module 3: Advanced Troubleshooting:
Given a set of observable symptoms on a Fibre Channel SAN, the learner will be able to diagnose and correct software configuration issues and inoperable hardware components, so that the problems are resolved with minimal disruption to the SAN environment.
Module 4: Implementing iSCSI:
Given a set of requirements for an iSCSI implementation, the learner will be able to identify and configure the appropriate iSCSI features to meet the requirements.