BO4WIF – SAP Busines Objects Web Intelligence FastTrack 4.0

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  • Code: BO4WIF
  • Duration: Days 1
  • Price per delegate: £520.00 +VAT

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Course Description

This challenging one-day course introduces you to the power of SAP BusinessObjects reporting using Web Intelligence 4.0 Web Client.  In a series of practical sessions you will create queries, format reports and ex-ecute complex data manipulation.

This course embraces much of the material covered on the two day Web Intelligence Report Design course, but the pace is that much quicker and the day is a little longer and intensive.

Target Student

This course is suitable for delegates who use SAP BusinessObjects versions 4.0.

Business users who need to manipulate corporate data and format reports to answer key business questions using SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Web Client.


To be successful, delegates should have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel or Access and/or a basic understanding of SAP BusinessObjects.

Peformance Based Objectives

    Define the role of universes, classes, objects, measures, dimensions and details.
    Construct queries using pre-defined and ad-hoc conditions.
    Format reports.
    Manipulate data by applying filters, sorts, breaks calculations and ranking.
    Create cross tabular and financial reports.
    Generate and modify charts.
    Analyse data at different levels of detail.

Course Content

Using InfoView
    Logging into InfoView
    Organising documents
    Opening a document
    Refreshing a document
    SAving a document
    Closing a document
    Scheduling a document
    Viewing a scheduled document
    Logging out of InfoView

Querying the Database via the Universe
    Creating a query
    Editing a query
    Applying a pre-defined query filter
    Creating an ad-hoc query filter
    Filtering on dates
    Prompting for data
    Using quick filters
    Filtering on wildcards
    Using multiple conditions
    Workshop - querying the database via the universe

Selecting the Correct Presentation Style
    Creating a vertical table
    Creating a horizontal table
    Creating a cross tab
    Editing a cross tab
    Creating a form]Creating a chart
    Converting a table into a chart
    Creating Multiple blocks
    Workshop - selecting the correct presentation style

Managing Data Sources
    Creating multiple queries using the same data source(s)

Formatting Reports
    Creating a report within an existing document
    Moving a report within an existing document
    Editing a block
    Formatting a table
    Formatting a chart
    Formatting a section
    Formatting a cell
    Workshop - formatting reports

Applying Functions & Sections
    Manipulating breaks
    Applying calculations
    Using sorts
    Applying a ranking
    Manipulating filters
    Creating master/detail reports
    Workshop -applying functions and sections

Creating Variables, Formaulas & Alerters
    Creating a formula
    Converting a formula into a variable
    Editing a variable
    Deleting a variable
    Creating an alerter
    Workshop- creating formulas, variables and alerters

Drilling Through Data
    Using drill down
    Using drill Across
    Using drill by
    Using drill through
    Saving a snapshot analysis
    Drilling on a chart
    Workshop - drilling through data

Additional education

If you want to increase your skill level and knowledge these courses are recommended,
    SAP BusinessObjects - Web Intelligence: Advanced Report Design
    SAP BusinessObjects - Universe Appreciation Workshop
    SAP BusinessObjects - Universe Design