ADFCCS5 – Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5

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  • Code: ADFCCS5
  • Duration: Days 3
  • Price per delegate: £695.00 +VAT

Trained over 60000 delegates

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Course Description

This three day course will introduce designers to the tools and techniques available in Flash Catalyst. It will be especially useful for designers who need to create functional prototypes for their designs, or for developers who need to understand the design aspects of Rich Internet Applications which use the Flash platform. There are no pre-requisites for this course, although experience with Adobe design tools (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks or Flash) would be of benefit.
Course Content
  • Exploring the Design workspace
  • Moving around the workspace
  • Adjusting panels
  • Zooming and Panning the artboard
  • Previewing a project in a browser
  • Getting Flash Catalyst Help
Preparing, Importing and Placing Artwork
  • Preparing a design document
  • Choose your design application
  • Plan the structure of your application
  • Grouping complex objects
  • Flattening artwork with filters and effects
  • Naming conventions
  • Embedding images in the design document
  • Managing fonts when sharing files
  • Identifying duplicate component assets
  • Setting component properties
  • Creating sample artwork for a list of images or text
  • Hiding, showing, and locking layers
  • Exporting an FXG file from Adobe Fireworks
  • Importing artwork
  • Import a design document
  • Import additional images
  • Positioning images in the artboard
  • Optimizing artwork
Managing the Library
  • Viewing the Library panel
  • Adding assets to the Library panel
  • Previewing files in the Library panel
  • Deleting assets from the project
  • Compressing images in the Library panel
  • Renaming project assets
  • Using assets in the Library panel
  • Sharing project libraries
  • Exporting and importing a library package
Managing Layers
  • Exploring the Layers panel
  • Expand and collapse layers
  • Show, hide, lock and unlock layers
  • Grouping objects
  • Renaming objects in the Layers panel
  • Optimizing complex groups
  • Adding and deleting layers
  • Stacking artwork using layers
Working with Pages and States
  • Page and component states
  • Duplicating and modifying page states
  • Descriptive names for page states
  • Show and hide artwork in each page state
  • Adding and deleting states
  • Add a blank page state
  • Add objects to blank page states
  • Delete objects from specific states
Creating Interactive Components
  • The building blocks of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)
  • Components and Interactions
  • Using wireframe components
  • Add and modify wireframe buttons and text input fields
  • Add wireframe radio buttons and check boxes
  • Add wireframe scroll bars
  • Converting artwork to built-in components and buttons
  • Create a reusable navigation button
  • Enable and disable buttons
  • Create next and previous buttons
  • Create a custom toggle button
  • Convert artwork to scroll bars
  • Working with text
  • Create a scroll panel from artwork
  • Creating custom components
  • Adding interactivity and page navigation
  • Create conditional interactions
  • Link to external content
Creating Transitions and Action Sequences
  • Understanding transitions and action sequences
  • Inspecting default transition effects
  • Adding smooth transitions
  • Fine-tuning transitions
  • Change transition timing
  • Ease transitions
  • Adding and changing effects
  • Swap one effect for another
  • Add multiple effects to the same object
  • Add an action sequence interaction
  • Edit an action sequence in the Timeline
  • Flash Catalyst helper effects
Adding and Controlling Video and Sound
  • Preparing video for the web
  • Understanding encoding and video codecs
  • How to encode video
  • Importing and previewing video and sound
  • Adding video to an application
  • Add video to the artboard
  • Set video player properties
  • Controlling video playback
  • Attach controls to the video
  • Reset the video after playing
  • Adding sound effects
Integrating SWF Content from other Creative Suite Tools
  • Understanding SWF files
  • Creating and using SWF files for Flash Catalyst
  • Import a SWF file to the artboard
  • Preview a SWF animation
  • Controlling the playback of SWF files
  • Play the SWF movie from a specific frame
  • Adding a SWF file to a component
  • Position a SWF file
  • Add effects to play the animation
Designing with Data
  • Flash Catalyst data lists
  • Understanding design-time data
  • Preview a data list
  • Creating a Data List component
  • Design a sample data record
  • Convert the sample record into a Data List component
  • Define repeated items in sample data
  • Setting Data List properties
  • Edit the repeated item layout and states
  • Using design-time data
  • Replace design-time images
  • Edit design-time text
  • Add and delete design-time data
  • Add and remove elements in the repeated item
  • Using a wireframe data list
Drawing and Editing Artwork
  • Flash Catalyst drawing tools
  • Using the rulers, guides, and grid
  • Edit grid and guide settings
  • Set guides for precise drawing
  • Drawing basic shapes and lines
  • Draw rectangles, rounded rectangles, ellipses and basic lines
  • Changing stroke and fill
  • Change the fill colour
  • Change stroke colour and weight
  • Add and modify gradient fills
  • Grouping and transforming objects
  • Size and position objects
  • Applying and removing filters
  • Add and modify a bevel and a drop shadow
  • Round-trip editing with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  • Launch and edit in Adobe Illustrator
  • Download and install the Adobe FXG extensions for Photoshop
  • Launch and edit in Adobe Photoshop
Publishing a Project
  • Final output delivery options
  • Publishing your application
  • Accessibility
  • Embedding fonts
  • Publish to SWF
  • Viewing the published files
  • Publishing to the web with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
  • Create a local root folder and site structure
  • Connect to a remote site
  • Upload files
Extending your Project using Adobe Flash Builder
  • Extending the application
  • Binding components to a data source
  • Create, Read, Update, and Delete data
  • Provide a keyword search
  • Collect user input
  • Use sliders to set values
  • Create printer controls
  • Exploring designer-developer workflows
  • Preparing files for a developer
  • Use data lists and design-time data
  • The importance of instance names for everything
  • Deleting unused assets
  • Opening a Flash Catalyst project in Flash Builder
  • Reviewing the final Flash Catalyst project file (FXP)
  • Import the FXP into Flash Builder
  • Compare and integrate code between projects
  • Importing a Flash Catalyst library file (FXPL)
  • Associate an FXPL library with your application