ADCF1 – Adobe Coldfusion MX Level 1

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  • Code: ADCF1
  • Duration: Days 1
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Course Description
You already know how to create static Web sites using HTML. Now you want to expand your capabilities as a Web developer to creating Web applications that you can't create in HTML. ColdFusion MX Level 1 is the first course on the topic of creating dynamic sites with ColdFusion. In this course, you will add dynamic components to your static Web pages by applying ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) and posting pages to a ColdFusion Server.
Course Objective: You will build and deploy dynamic Web applications using ColdFusion.
Target Student: The target student for this course is someone who is trained or experienced in HTML who is tasked with creating dynamic Web pages for their company or non-profit group using ColdFusion.
Prerequisites: The following courses are required prerequisites:
  • HTML 4.01Web Authoring, Level 1
  • HTML 4.01Web Authoring, Level 2
  • Dreamweaver 4.0Introduction
  • Dreamweaver 4.0Advanced
  • WinXP Introduction
It would also be helpful to understand programming fundamentals including: Flow control Variables Operators Functions Parameters Arrays
Performance-Based Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • add dynamic elements to a Web page.
  • build dynamic site navigation into an existing Web site.
  • build a ColdFusion form.
  • add interactivity to a site using a Web service and custom tags.
  • deploy a Web site for public viewing.
Course Content
Lesson 1: Adding Dynamic Elements to a Page
Topic 1A: Determine Appropriate Dynamic Elements
Topic 1B: Add a Dynamic Text Display
Topic 1C: Create a Banner
Lesson 2: Building Dynamic Site Navigation
Topic 2A: Design Page Layout
Topic 2B: Create a Dynamic Site Structure
Topic 2C: Pass Data To Another Web Page Through a Link
Topic 2D: Create the Default Page
Topic 2E: Retrieve Information Passed to a Web Page Through a Link
Lesson 3: Building Forms
Topic 3A: Create a ColdFusion Form
Topic 3B: Add Client-side Validation to a Form
Topic 3C: Create a ColdFusion Page to Collect Results
Topic 3D: Create a Form that Processes Itself
Lesson 4: Adding Interactivity with Existing Elements
Topic 4A: Subscribe to a Web Service
Topic 4B: Add a Custom Tag From the Macromedia Developer Exchange
Lesson 5: Deploying Your Site
Topic 5A: Debug Your Site
Topic 5B: Test Your Work as a Complete System
Topic 5C: Transfer Files to the Web Server